Rules and Conduct

All OHFS visitors, students, and instructors are expected to abide by the following rules at all times during OHFS classes and off-site events.

• No outdoor shoes may be worn on indoor training areas; non-marking indoor shoes or bare feet only.

• Students must remove necklaces, rings, and other loose jewelry prior to entering the training floor. We strongly recommend removing all piercings for wrestling and other close contact training.

• All school equipment, including training swords, must be returned to staff after use.

• Students are expected to calibrate their level of resistance, force, and aggression to their training partner and the current drill. If in doubt, ask your partner or instructor what they expect.

• Students are welcome to ask questions and give each other feedback (especially to help their partner calibrate correctly); however, only OHFS staff may provide instruction. Please limit peer coaching to exercises where it is explicitly requested.

• OHFS’s community includes people with a range of gender identities and expressions; students and staff are expected to use each other’s correct personal pronouns (e.g. she/he/they) when speaking. If you are not sure what pronouns someone uses, ask them.

• Anyone who engages in discriminatory or harassing behaviour will be removed from class and may also lose future training privileges. This includes – but is not limited to – discrimination based on race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnic or religious background, and ability; as well as verbal, physical, and sexual harassment.

• No person may participate in training or sparring while under the influence of recreational drugs or alcohol.

OHFS is a safe and welcoming space for everyone, and all our staff and students are expected to abide by these rules. If something makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, or have any questions about our policies, please reach out to one of our instructors in class, on our discord, or through email.