About Us

The Ottawa Historical Fencing Society is an organization dedicated to the study and practice of Historical Fencing and Martial Arts; our style includes teachings from a variety of traditions derived from historical manuscripts. With experience teaching in the Ottawa area since 1999, we use both modern and traditional equipment to accurately and safely train in historical techniques. Our training methods include free sparring as well as individual and partner drills. This unified method of training expands our understanding of the application and intent behind historical techniques. Training with steel swords and armour provides essential context for our art, this provides a unique understanding of the dynamics and interactions between equipment and technique.

Since we focus on practical historical technique we are not purists, and draw on several sources – from Lichtenhauer to Talhoffer, from the Gladditoria to Fiore our style varies from fighter to fighter. With an emphasis on sparring we use controlled training; and never stage a fight.

To start, new members just need some comfortable cloths and a desire to learn.
We have a love of sword fighting, and are not actors: no fight is staged, no fight is choreographed. We teach, we train, we fight, and we are a community!